Kathryn Kaye is a composer and pianist whose music transcends genres and categories. Classically trained as a lyric soprano, pianist, and organist in the United States and Germany, her evocative and haunting melodies are both simple and profound. Her inspiration comes from classical music, jazz, New Age, and the hymns and folk songs of the Appalachian Mountains of southeast Kentucky, where she grew up.

Kathryn's seventh album, Songs of Changing Light, released January 1, 2018, is now available through CD Baby, and through this website via PayPal. To order Songs of Changing Light, click here.

All of Kathryn's albums have been critically acclaimed. The late Michael Diamond referred to her as, "one of the genre's finest artists. Her beautiful, prolific composition and elegant musicianship on the piano have secured her place in the top tier of contemporary composer/musicians."

Kathryn's fifth album, There Was a Time, won the award for Best Piano Album with Instrumentation in 2016 at the Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) 13th annual Music Award Concert, held at Loyola University's Roussel Performance Hall in New Orleans on May 13, 2017. The other nominees in the category, all outstanding musicians, included Fiona Joy, Lisa Downing, Steve Rivera, and Alexi Musnitsky. Her sixth album, Reflected in a Flowing Stream, was number 1 on the ZMR Top 100 Chart for January and February of 2017, and it remained on the Chart through the summer.

"Some of the most thoughtful and profound piano work I have ever heard."
   --Darrell Burgan

"...you know right away that you are in the presence of a true artist...simple, yet beautiful."
   --Rotcod Zzaj (Dick Metcalf)
      Improvijazzation Nation Magazine

"Kathryn Kaye is as talented a composer and pianist as any with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure to work. Some of her pieces feel so hauntingly familiar that they seem like part of your DNA."
   --Will Ackerman
      Windham County, Vermont